Operation Rising Sun

The I-52 Recovery Project


Paul Tidwell

The man who discovered the I-52 after it was lost for over 50 years. At 3.2 miles deep, the.. I-52 is the deepest submarine ever found, and will be the world's deepest salvage project ever completed.

The WWII .I-52 is also known as

Japan's "Golden Submarine"

Did we not mention the Gold ??

2.2 metric tons... 146 bars, packed in 49 metal boxes... 70,732 troy ounces.... At today's current market price it is valued at around $81,000,000

Return to the I-52

Operation Rising Sun

is in the planning stages of a return mission to the I-52 submarine. Stayed tuned for updates on our mission to salvage the 2.2 tons of gold, important WWII documents, document the operation on video, and to raise the entire 356' submarine to the surface.

Operation Rising Sun