Operation Rising Sun

The I-52 Recovery Project

100% of all proceeds from the sale of I-52 related merchandise, DVD's, and autographed photos goes directly to help fund Operation Rising Sun.

Operation Rising Sun is a group of professionals dedicated to the raising and preservation of the WWII Mitsubishi C-3 cargo submarine, the I-52. There are no WWII Japanese full-sized submarines on display anywhere in the world. The I-52 can be raised. The U-534 was raised in August of 1993 from a depth of over 200'. The U-534 was sunk on May 6th, 1945, the last day of WWII. Plenty of unique items survived, including paper documents, even after years of being submerged in water. The same can be true for the I-52. What secrets remain to be discovered ? Was there a peace proposal from Tokyo that never made it into the hands of its intended recipient, Yoshikazu Fujimura ? Yoshikazu Fujimura, the assistant naval attache in Switzerland, had been in secret peace negotiations with a US representative, Allen Dulles. Is it posible that this document survived ? There are two of the German "Enigma" decoders onboard the I-52, one an extremely rare portable unit mounted on wheels transfered over to the I-52 by the U-530 hours before the sinking. Also there is the recovery of the 49 boxes containing 146 bars of gold. The gold, about 2.2 metric tons, is worth millions in todays market. Lost for over 5o years, the I-52 was found, after 5 years of research, on May 2, 1995 by Paul Tidwell. The I-52 is amazingly intact and well preserved in water 17,000 feet deep. Her identification numbers can still be clearly read on the conning tower. Now the recovery story of the I-52 is about to begin and you can be a part of this historical event. The technology now exist to make this project a reality. Your purchase helps us achieve our goal.


.............. The entire Operation Rising Sun Team